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Graham Waterton is able to help all levels of experience and all ages, as individuals or in groups, to improve their casting.

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Casting Tuition

Graham Waterton has fly fished for over 45 years and since his first lesson as a teenager has strived to improve. The advancement of rod and line design and the demands of different quarries in many venues around the world have constantly challenged and improved his casting. He now instructs all aspects of flycasting to both beginners and the most experienced fly fisherman. He is a full member of the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (AAPGAI) and an Advancved Instructor in Double Handed Casting.  Graham's extensive experience, passion for fly fishing, excellent communication skills and this qualification as a fly fishing instructor from probably the most respected casting organisation, gives him a unique skill set for effective and enjoyable tuition.

Beginners Lessons

A series of fly fishing lessons with Graham will get the complete beginner or the novice off to the right start and able to fish. The first sessions will include a basic understanding of the right tackle and the appropriate fly fishing techniques. He will then concentrate on few of the basic casts and as soon as possible he will take the student fishing ... it is important  for beginners to catch fish!

For beginners and novices, either individual or group lessons work well. Time spent learning well at the outset is invaluable to a long fishing career.

Advanced Lessons

For the more experienced fly caster it is important to know exactly what each student wishes to get out of their sessions with Graham. You may have a particular trip in mind and it is important to prepare in order to get the best out of expensive destination trips. For many it is simply to cast more efficiently, further perhaps and with less effort. Casting more efficiently reduces fatigue and the chances of repetitive injury ... so important for increasing the more mature flyfishers longevity! For others it will be to develop particular skills with double and single handed rods. Graham can teach the full range of Spey casting techniques including the use of traditional long bellied lines, shooting heads, skagits and scandi lines and the variety of casts which enable the modern double handed fisherman to exploit the multitude of available opportunities both home and abroad.

Groups & Children

Graham, having taught his own daughter and many friends' children, enjoys teaching the young. He also has the necessary up-to-date CRB disclosure, has completed an appropriate NSPCC child protection programme and is First Aid qualified.

Bespoke courses can be created for families, schools and clubs and instruction based fishing trips.

Lessons can be given at your local water or from casting platforms on the lake at the beautiful Fonthill Estate, near Tisbury in Wiltshire. These are very accessible from the A303 and close to the well known Beckford Arms.


Lessons are based on £40 per hour per person with special rates for half day, full day and week sessions and for more than one student and groups.