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Fishing Words

I don't have that many fishing books, perhaps a hundred or so, perhaps a few more, I've never really counted. Some of them I have not read; unwanted presents from well meaning relatives but some I have read many times. They never disappoint and real favourites are tattooed with notes, underlinings, highlights and margin scribbles, sacrilege to the bibliophile but a quick way to find old friends that constantly delight. I do so admire those who conjure with words. Here are extracts from some of my favourites.

Fishing Words

By Graham Waterton

On the beauty of the tight loop

- By Graham Waterton

Many have tried to describe the aesthetic pleasures of fly casting. This by Thomas McGuane in The Longest Silence where in 1966 he sees the precocious talent of the 13 year old Steve Rajeff cast at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

' ... and he casts with a common elegance - a high, slow backcast, perfect timing, and a forecast that straightens with precision. He seems to overpower very slightly so that the line turns over and hangs an instant in the air to let the leader touch first. He regulates the width of the loop in his line to the inch and at will. When a headwind comes up, he tightens the loop into a perfectly formed, almost beveled, little wind cheater. It is quite beautiful.'

Lovely words and McGuane recognises one of the real practical benefits of tight loops ... casting into a wind.

If you don't know this little gem of a book, please read it ... I have many times and it never ceases to please.

More from McGuane to come ...