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This phrase was coined by Norman McLean in his novella A River Runs Through It. As he knew, to catch fish with a fly you need to cast it in the right place but it is not the rod that does that, it is the person using it.


Graham Waterton can accompany you on a fully guided day to help ensure you get the best out of your day. 
"My son and grandson have just returned from a marvellous day with you on the water. They are both ecstatic. If the nation has not got a fisherman for life, following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, then nothing else could give rise to one. Thank you so much. They thought you were terrific and you are clearly a brilliant teacher"
"Where do I begin. Your enthusiasm for such an amazing sport is infectious. As a tutor, I could have listened to you all day. You were so patient, full of encouragement and explained everything so succinctly. Your knowledge is incredible. I am completely spellbound.  So much to learn, but how exciting.
Thank you Graham for such a magical day, you have opened my eyes."
"Many thanks for a really enjoyable and useful day and the three photos. It was great to get some very good teaching and fantastic to catch three fish. Your enthusiasm is infectious and has got me fired up towards fishing again."
"What a sensational day?! It was truly one I'll remember my entire life. You're a magnificent guide with an incredible bed-side manner and it's what made the difference."


" Thank you so much for looking after us so well yesterday. We had a memorable and fun day and went home so excited about chalkstream fishing. It was so unlike other fishing I had done and I loved the stalking element"

"Graham, many thanks for that and also for chaperoning me so well the past couple of days. Top Rod only down to your expert guidance! - Hopefully though I've actually learnt something this time!"


" Thank you most kindly for your company and advice today. It was a delightfully relaxing day out with some delightful moments of success"


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