Fishing Rod Decoration

Buying, Managing and Selling Fisheries

Owning a fishery is many fisherman's dream. The buying, management and selling process is however not quite the same as a house or even land.

For about 25 years Graham Waterton's second career was property. Although involved principally in the sale of country houses and other rural properties, he also specialised in the sale and purchase of fishing rights and fisheries mainly in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.

Buying a Fishery

If you are contemplating acquiring a fishery as an individual, syndicate or club, Graham may well be able to assist. Whether you need general informal advice on the pitfalls to avoid before you buy or a more comprehensive service associated with the acquisition of a specific fishery, whether being publicly or privately offered, he will be able to help.

Fisheries, mainly due to their scarcity, have proved to be good investments for many years and Graham can also help you to have the property formally valued for funding purposes.

Fishery Management

The practical issues involved with the management of a fishery whether commercially or for private use are complex. Graham sat on the management committee of an important fly fishing club for many years and although may not be able to assist directly, has a long list of fishery managers and contractors who will be able to help.


When the time comes to dispose of these precious assets, Graham can advise how best to approach a disposal and to manage the sale whether publicly or privately, which agents to approach, the best timings and what preparatory work will need to be done, all intended to achieve the best possible price and for the experience to be a painless as possible.

For Graham Waterton this has been a wonderful opportunity over the years to combine business and pleasure.

Send him an email and a time to talk or meet can be set up.